"USTH does bring so many benefits to students," said Long

Monday - 21/09/2015 03:39

Nguyễn Thanh Long, a FPT bachelor graduate, was a former ICT master student of the first generation of USTH, and is now doing his PhD at Grenoble University (France) and working in LISTIC lab of Savoie Mont Blanc University in Annecy (France) with a net salary of 1,350€/month. Offered a job by FSoft right after his bachelor graduation, Long still decided to take a postgraduate course and he chose USTH's ICT Master program, since "I can see many opportunities at USTH, which has a special education environment related to France, the country I have always adored since I was a kid". Long calls himself 'a student who always remembers and is grateful about USTH', and recently shared many of his feelings and experience regarding his study at USTH. "USTH was a new phenomenon of post-graduate training in Vietnam, with various opportunities, said Long, who believes those that choose USTH are bold and dare enough to explore new horizons and that really pays off," Long said. Long also made positive comments about the lecturers at USTH: "It's so unique: all the lecturers in ICT department of mine for example, were professors and PhDs sent over by the French institutions, and they have super levels of enthusiasm, devotion and teaching methods. Moreover, most of them are very helpful in facilitating students' internship in France (normally 6 months with a salary) in the 2nd year of master course or final year of bachelor course." Long, for example, was given an internship at the CAIRN lab, Lannion, by Prof. Emmanuel Casseau at a net payment of 800€/month. As regards USTH facilities, Long revealed he was amazed at the ICT department's servers which he believes cost several thousand euros each, despite the fact that the Hoa Lac campus is still under construction and the classes were temporarily held at the Education and Service Building of VAST. The recommendation Long made for the freshmen at USTH is: "Don't hesitate and waste your valuable chance. USTH really brings you a lot of benefits. My ICT classmates all went to France for internship in our second year. USTH tuition fee may seem somewhat higher than other institutions in Vietnam, but you cannot buy education quality by money, and USTH also offers many different types of scholarship for excellent and difficulty-stricken students." USTH master graduates, holders of France-Vietnam certificates, can confidently get quite good jobs at various big companies or research establishments, given their English proficiency and professional knowledge, Long affirms. USTH is so proud about each and every of its students, especially those who excel in their professional career like Long. We do wish for Long to make further steps of development in the time to come, and USTH is so happy to welcome you all back at the ceremony to celebrate the 5th anniversary, this October 16!