USTH continues to stand in Top 10 of Nature Index

Tuesday - 21/08/2018 05:04

USTH was ranked by the Nature Index at the seventh out of ten universities and research institutes in Vietnam with highest number of publications on prestigious scientific journals from June 1st, 2017 to May 31st, 2018.

The Nature Index of the prestigious UK’s Nature Publishing House is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 82 high-quality science journals.  It provides three major measures to track data, including Article Count (A count of one is assigned to an institution or country if one or more authors of the research article are from that institution or country, regardless of how many co-authors there are from outside that institution or country); Fractional Count (which takes into account the share of authorship on each article) and Weighted Fractional Count (applied a weighting to the FC to adjust for the over-representation of papers in astronomy and astrophysics). 

According to the latest release of the Nature Index, from June 1st 2017 to May 31st 2018, USTH has secured its seventh place among universities and research institutes with highest amount of publications on international journals in Vietnam. The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technolgy (VAST), the governing body of USTH, stood at the second place. USTH was in the Top 10 of the ranking in 2017 for the first time. 

Besides, according to a statistics of DTU Research Informeta group of Duy Tan University, USTH is among top 15 universities with most articles on international scientific journals from January 2017 to mid-2018 on SCOPUS.

The statistic was conducted to provide accurate, adequate, reliable and checkable information on international publications of Vietnam’s universities during 1.5 years from early 2017 to mid-2018 (data download of June 30th, 2018.[2]

SCOPUS is one of the two most influential current citation databases, besides Web of Science (WoS) system. It belongs to the Netherland’s Elsevier Publisher, housing 57 million abstracts, 22,000 categories from over 5,000 publishing houses, of which being 30,000 specialised journals in Science, Technology, Heath, Social Science, Arts and Humanities.  

According to the team, USTH is also among Top 20 universities in Vietnam with highest citation index.


As a new university with a modest number of lecturers and researchers, presenting on the world’s prestigious ranking is an encouragement for USTH to become a world-class research university.