USTH a good choice for Bachelor admission

Thursday - 06/08/2015 04:40

As of August 1, USTH has been intensifying its bachelor recruitment and the ongoing admission will last until August 20. The list of students who have submitted application can be found at After the interviews for this batch of admission are done, USTH will start the last wave of admission which spans from August 25 to September 15. The entrance benchmark this year is 18 points, which is the average level applied by universities in the same top 1 group. This was also the level applied by USTH last year. The various advantages of USTH, including its being the first public university of excellence in Hanoi, the Europe's Bologna system it applies, the numerous scholarships and internships it offers, and the 6 science-technology major it specialises in, have been a big interest to parents and students, as well as reported by a large number of local newspapers. See the detailed Call for Admission here or contact: Admission, - Tel: +84-4.37917748; +84-4.37918619 Email:;