USTH commits to launch Aeronautical Engineering program

Friday - 27/10/2017 04:35

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - USTH (Vietnam France University) met people of high position from Vietnam Airlines, VAECO, Airbus, French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) and Institut Aéronautique et Spatial - IAS on 19 October 2017 to discuss and agree on last steps needed to launch Aeronautical Engineering program for the academic year 2018 - 2019. 

The meeting was attended by Vietnam Airlines leaders, VAECO leaders, along with representatives from French organizations which have many years of experience in the fielf of aeronautics. There was also Prof. Chau Van Minh - President of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Prof. Phan Ngoc Minh - Vice President of VAST, Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh - Vice Rector of USTH.
USTH and the renowned partners commit to launce Aeronautical Engineering program next year
The growth of tourism, labour and goods exchange have given rise to Aeronautics, making it one of potential sources of job opportunity with competitive salary. Aeronautical engineering is about how aircraft are designed, constructed and powered, how they are used and how they are controlled for safe operation. An aeronautical engineer also needs to be fluent in English and have good teamwork skills. In Vietnam an aeronautical engineer working for VAECO earns an average salary of USD 1000. However, airlines companies in Vietnam at the moment are hiring foreign aeronautical engineer because there is a lack of high-skilled labour in this area.

Along with the help of Vietnam Airlines, VAECO, Airbus,  ENAC and IAS, USTH plans to launch Aeronautical Engineering training program at both Bachelor's and Master's level. The first semester is expected to begin on September 2018 and admit students since the end of 2017. 
ảnh VNA1
Representatives of VAST, USTH and their partners 

Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering is designed with 30 months studying principles of aeronautics, coupled with 6 months working in laboratory with modern aircraft model at VAECO. The whole training program follows European Aviation Safety Agency. The aim of the program is to provide Vietnam Airlines with 25 - 30 fresh graduates per year. 

Master of Aeronautical Engineering at USTH is going to follow International Air Transport Operations Management of ENAC and be co-accredited by ENAC. Located in Toulouse, a gateway for science and technology in Europe, ENAC has been recognized by CAO and major civil aviation organizations as one of the world’s leading air transport educational institutions.

Aeronautical Engineering graduates who have gone through professional training and had good English skills can work for local airlines companies as well as international airlines companies such as Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways...