USTH attends international conference on higher education in Japan

Monday - 09/04/2018 00:54

Prof. Le Tran Binh represented University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) to attend the General Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning – ASAIHL) from March 26th-28th at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. 

Themed at “Higher Education for Diveristy and Global Citizenship", this year’s conference drew attendance of 254 participants from 90 universities in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

2018ASAIHL Soka
Representatives at the ASAIHL Conference at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan

As one of regular activities of ASAIHL, the conference provides a venue form representatives to discuss and exchange information and experience relating to education and global development, thus promoting international cooperation in training, research and innovation, as well as offer scholarship opportunities for learners of member countries. 

During the conference, Prof. Le Tran Binh represented a report titled “USTH’s approaches to education international integration). Besides, Prof. Binh suggested Vietnam’s universities should attend and contribute to the development of ASAIHL particularly and regional education generally.

The proposal derived from the fact that Vietnam is one of eight founding members of ASAIHL, but usually participates in ASAIHL’s activities with only one member educational institution. Meanwhile, other countries in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia represent in ASAIHL with between 22 and 48 universities. Accordingly, in the globalization trend, this situation needs a change to improve image of Vietnam’s education system in the world’s eyes, thus helping Vietnamese universities gradually approach the goal of international integration.

Prof. Le Tran Binh (far right) and other participants at the conference

The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning or ASAIHL was established in 1956 by eight professors, including one Vietnamese professor from Hue University.

Over 60 years of development, ASAIHL’s geographical coverage has broadened from Southeast Asia to Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, North America and Oceania with 244 members. So far ASAIHL has been led by 34 presidencies, in which Vietnam has been twice elected as president, in 1975 and in 2009. Additionally, as many as 148 Board Meetings and 32 General Conferences have been held with topics relating to human development and globalization. Vietnam will host the 153th ASAIHL Board Meetings and General Conferences on December 2020.