USTH announced a new logo and brand identity

Wednesday - 25/11/2020 05:13

On November 18, at the opening ceremony of the new academic year 2020-2021, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) officially announced a new logo and brand identity.

USTH was established in 2009 under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France. After 10 years of foundation and development, USTH has become a trusted name and companion for students and parents across the country, defining its strong position in the field of higher education. One of the factors that created USTH’s imprints is the symbol of the Temple of Literature in its logo - a featured image of Hanoi that links to the studious tradition of Vietnam. 
“Entering the new phase of expansion and sustainable development, USTH decided to launch a new logo and brand identity in order to affirm its own copyright and hopefully to create a unique, stronger imprint in the Vietnamese and international education systems." Assoc. Prof. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh - Rector of USTH expressed the reasons to change the new logo. 
The idea of changing our logo was developed from the beginning of 2019 by organizing a vote among all USTH’s staff, lecturers, students and having the consensus of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology as well as the Embassy of France in Vietnam. In May 2020, USTH’s University Council voted and approved the new logo. 
This new logo and brand identity have a modern, strong design, clearly portraying the core values of our university’s training, research activities, and especially the long-lasting cooperation between the Governments of France and Vietnam in the development of USTH.
The new logo design is made up of the words USTH, the abbreviation in English and France of the University. With sharp details and two main colors, blue and red, inspired by the national flags of Vietnam and France, the logo design has a modern, solid style, clearly demonstrating the training philosophy and aspirations towards the future.

GS Etienne Saur Hiệu trưởng chính và PGS TS Đinh Thị Mai Thanh Hiệu trưởng công bố logo mới
Prof. Etienne Saur - Principal Rector and Assoc.Prof. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh - Rector announced the new logo.

The stylized letter V is taken from the first letter in the word Vietnam, with a shape like the image of an open book - the symbol of the education and the training philosophy of people-centered development of the University of Science and Technology Hanoi.

The letter V is also a metaphorical image of a bird spreading its wings, expressing the desire to rise, conquer, explore, and reflects the meaning: the role of the University of Science and Technology Hanoi as the cradle that nurtures and arouses passions for science and technology among young Vietnamese generations.

The F is taken from the first letter in the word France (France), bringing the image of the French flag. The letter F is also the first letter of the word Future, expressing optimism, strong beliefs in the future, and in the development directed by the University.

The letters V and F are cleverly interlocked, forming a burning torch, symbolizing the will and determination of USTH’s Board of Rector, staff, lecturers, and students. It is clear that there is a consensus as well as a strong and close relationship between the two governments of Vietnam and France in the construction and development of the University of Science and Technology of  Hanoi.

usth cong bo logo moi
Prof.Acad. Chau Van Minh - President of VAST (second from right), Mr. Nicolas Warnery, French Ambassador to Vietnam (first from left), and Prof.Ph.D. Phan Ngoc Minh, Vice President of VAST, President of the University Council (first from right) 
in the announcement of the new logo and brand identity.

The announcement of our new logo and brand identity marks the significant transformation of USTH in a new phase of development, which helps increase its outreach to the public and contribute to the journey of making USTH a world-class public university - the goal set by the two governments.