USTH and Lê Quý Đôn Technical University meet to discuss co-operation opportunities

Tuesday - 29/09/2015 03:30

The Lê Quý Đôn Technical University delegation, led by Captain Ta Duc Hai from Training Department and Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (FAE) Director, Colonel Dang Ngoc Thanh, meet with USTH's senior management and Department of Space and Aeronautics (DSA) earlier today, September 29, at USTH. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss opportunities for exchanging lecturers especially in aeronautics, space science and aerospace technology; sharing laboratory facilities; joint implementation of non-degree education/training/courses (including training in CATIA by PLMCC); development of collaborative research projects on the field of space science, aeronautics and satellite engineering; exchanging selected elite student group from FAE civil program for English and for general subjects at USTH, especially for the credit winning first year bachelor students; co-supervision of PhD students; and organizing joint student activities such as clubs, seminars, orientation talks, cultural and scientific competitions. The representatives of Lê Quý Đôn Technical University also visit the PLMCC and DSA labs to have a closer look at the research facilities at USTH. The meeting is a great success with major agreements reached by the two institutions, who are about to sign an official MoU in the time to come./.