USTH and Center of High Technology Development (VAST) discuss co-operation possibilities

Monday - 07/03/2016 21:46

A delegation of USTH composed of Rector Prof. Patrick BOIRON; Director of Administration Mr. Gérard GASQUET; Director of Research and Innovation Prof. Radjesvarane ALEXANDRE; CNRS Senior Scientist Minh HA DUONG,  Director of USTH Lab CleanED; and Ms. Hoang Anh TRAN, Assistant of USTH Lab CleanED, visited the Center of High Technology Development, VAST on March 3, and had discussions with Director Dr. Van Thao NGUYEN; Vice Director Mr. Duy Suy PHAM; General Secretary Mr. HAO.
Scientific topics of mutual interest towards a possible process of prototyping and pre-incubator were discussed, as part of Innovation and Technology Transfer strategical development of USTH. Rector Patrick Boiron and Director NGUYEN have expressed their strong interactions possibilities between on one hand the research topics developed at USTH and on the other hand the developing science and technology services of Center of High Technology Development. Further discussions will be pursued at the level of researchers of the two institutions.