USTH admission interview for Bachelor, Wave 2 - 2018

Tuesday - 03/04/2018 00:07

During two days, from March 31th to April 1st, 2018, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) welcomed students from various high schools across Vietnam to attend the Wave 2 admission interview of the academic year 2018 – 2019 for Bachelor programs (dossier intake from March 1 – 16).

According to the Department of Admission of USTH, the number of this year’s wave 2 applicants doubled the one last year. Candidates were from different provinces in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Yen Bai, Ninh Binh and Hai Duong. Particularly, there were students from Tay Ninh and Vung Tau, who traveled a long way to attend the admission interview.

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A candidate from Tay Ninh

Besides, various students came from leading high schools in Hanoi, including Hanoi – Amsterdam Gifted High School, Chu Van An High School, Luong The Vinh High School, Viet Duc High School and High School for Gifted Students, Hanoi University of Science.

The interview jury included USTH Rectorate Board and experienced lecturers. The jury of the Aeronautical Engineering program saw attendance of representatives of Vietnam Airlines/VAECO, partner recruiting students after graduation.

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Candidate and the interview jury

After the interview, many candidates received offer letters from the interview jury. This was also the last interview for Aeronautical Engineering program. USTH will announce the result as soon as possible.

“This wave’s candidates were all well prepared as well as had solid background and a good command of English. During the interview, they partly showed their potential and interest in the international environment at USTH and the field of science and technology”, said Assoc. Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh, Vice Rector of USTH.

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Candidates recieved offter letters after the interview

From now to the national high school graduation exam, USTH holds only one early intake for bachelor programs with admission methods of academic transcript assessment and interview. Candidates who have got through the dossier assessment and interview only need to pass the the national high school graduation exam, thus feeling less pressure to enter university.

In addition, receiving offer letters right after the interview offers students more time to work on their English and science subjects to prepare for their studies at universities. Particularly, for the admission after the national high school graduation exam, students are required to attend the exam with a selection of 3 subjects among these 6 subjects as follows: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and English with result equals to or higher than the benchmarks of USTH. Meanwhile, for early admission intakes, students who study social science field are able to apply and attend the interview if interested.

The third dossier admission wave for Bachelor programs of USTH will run through May 2 – 16, 2016 with interview from May 26-27, 2018.

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