Toulouse 3 University students interested in WEO Master curriculum of USTH

Tuesday - 19/04/2016 04:34

The Water-Environment-Oceanography (WEO) department of USTH recently had a seminar with the students at Toulouse 3 (Paul Sabatier) University in France. Prof. Sylvain Ouillon, responsible for WEO master programme and Prof. Magali Gerino, responsible for specialty of natural waters & environmental quality (NEWS) introduced further about USTH and its WEO master curriculum for 2016-2021 to L3 and M1 students from Toulouse 3 university who are interested in the Master program of USTH. Several questions about life as a USTH students were explored with the help of USTH students who are doing the internship in France and the French students who have been previously studying at USTH. WEO 1024x561 Many of the students were quite excited and made numerous questions regarding the program as well as the campus life at USTH.