The  STEM Festival 2017 Welcomed 2000 Visitors on Sunday (14/5/2017)

Wednesday - 24/05/2017 05:55

The STEM Festival 2017 held on Sunday (14.5.2017) welcomed more than 2000 visitors the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (18 Hoang Quoc Viet). 

The program was hosted by the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), S3 Creative Academy, STEM Academy, Kidscode, and PoMath. Other contributors  including: Truong Vuong Secondary School, Olympia High School, Ta Quang Buu High School, Hanoi Astronomy Society, Vietnam National Satellite Center, Ha Long Department of Education and Training, UMI Academy, and Long Minh Books.

The STEM 2017’s  display products was very diverse, and  attracted a lot of participants such as  automatic board wiper, solar powered cars ... On the second floor, students had chances to participate in various activities such as cryptography, making giant soap bubbles…

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The Lab tour organized by USTH aimed to encourage students' passion for science and technology, students had many great chances to actively participate in doing several experiments under the direct guidance of experienced USTH lecturers.

In addition, the students also took part in an exciting STEM class, experienced robot demonstration and solar car assembly. The STEM 2017 Festival also organised the parent-teacher seminar to suggest many ideas for both parents and teachers in teaching STEM at schools.


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Various famous scientists have had the opportunity to share information about the hot topics such as that are being explored such as avian influenza, Nano technology, renewable energy…

The STEM Festival 2017 has expanded its target audiences to attract more high school students in many interactive activities like NAO robot; Mars exploration rover... 

The competiontion in science and technology  among high schools such as Le Hong Phong High School for gifted students (Nam Dinh), Luong Van Tuy High School for Gifted Students (Ninh Binh), Bac Giang High School for Gifted Students and many other high schools, has attracted many students.


The 2017 STEM Festival Program has been a great success and this is one of the activities towards the Vietnam Science and Technology Day on May 18.