“Study of the type VI secretion system” seminar a great success

Wednesday - 28/10/2015 05:26

The seminar "Study of the type VI secretion system: an example of an integrated structural biology approach” is held today, October 27 at USTH and the speaker is Dr. Alain Roussel (http://www.afmb.univ-mrs.fr/Alain-Roussel?lang=en).
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A large number of lecturers, researchers and students participate in the seminar, and Dr. Alain Roussel is very excited to share his insights and discuss with various participants during and after the seminar. The teams of Eric Cascales, Christian Cambillau and Alain Roussel, and Rémi Fronzes, reveal the structure and way of assembly of a membrane complex anchoring and guiding his crossbow arrow to the target bacteria. This study was recently published in the journal Nature. In this study, the researchers were able to define the precise assembly pathway of the membrane complex and get a picture of its structure by electron microscopy and by X-ray diffraction, determined by Van Son Nguyen, an ex USTH Master in Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology student of 2010-2012 course. This work allowed to determine how this structure is assembled and what it looks like, but they also provide information about its way of functioning. Indeed, changes in the complex are observable when the crossbow is in action and it is now clear that this complex not only anchors the crossbow to the membrane of the predatory bacterium but also serves as gate for the passage of the arrow and prevents that it creates damages in the attacking cell.