Signing Ceremony of recruitment commitment contract between Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company Limited (VAECO) and USTH

Thursday - 10/03/2022 03:35

The signing ceremony of the recruitment commitment contract between the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) and Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company Limited (VAECO) took place on March 9, 2022, with the purpose to guarantee job placement in VAECO for the graduates of the Bachelor's programs in Aeronautical Engineering. 

Participating in the ceremony, on the side of VAECO, there were Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai- General Director, Mr. Tran Viet Quang- Director of Organization - Human Resources, Mr. Vu Truong Thanh- Director of Training Center; on the side of USTH, there were Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest- Principal Rector, Assoc. Prof. Ngo Quang Minh- Director of Administration Office, Deputy Director of Department of Aeronautics.

Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai - General Director of VAECO spoke at the ceremony

According to the recruitment commitment contract, VAECO commits to recruiting 22 bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering if they meet the requirements, which includes completing the B1-oriented Bachelor’s program, being granted with the diplomas of USTH, and obtaining B1 basic aircraft maintenance certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. The graduates with very good and good degrees will get prioritized. 

Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest - Principal Rector of USTH spoke at the ceremony

At the ceremony, Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai - General Director of VAECO said:  “Although the global aviation industry in general and in Vietnam in particular are facing many difficulties to the heavy impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, I believe that it will soon recover and bounce back again. Therefore, the job opportunities of the bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering are very promising in the near future.”

Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai and Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest signed the Recruitment Commitment Contract between VAECO & USTH

On behalf of USTH, Prof. Jean-Marc Lavest expressed his strong belief in the cooperation between the university and VAECO that will open up opportunities and job prospects for the new graduates in Aeronautical Engineering as well as satisfy the demand of the rapidly growing market of the aviation industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in the period 2015 - 2035, Vietnam is in the group of 5 markets with the highest growth rate of passengers traveling by air in the world. The growing demand for air travel is bringing out many job opportunities in this field. However, the current human resources can only meet 40% of the needs of Vietnam’s air transport industry. USTH is one of the few universities providing human resources for the industry, helping airlines save costs of hiring foreign workers with expensive salaries.