Open Day for Bachelor (12/03/2017)

Thursday - 16/03/2017 00:14

On 12th March, USTH organized "Open Day 2017" with the aim to provide the useful information to high school students, parents and teachers. This event was an opportunity to introduce  about USTH’s Bachelor training programs and admission policies, facilities, scholarship and internship opportunities...

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Especially, the high school students had opportunities to visit and experience many activities in our world-class labs. At USTH, the training programs must combine theories with practical works. USTH has built international standard labs for students, like laboratory for Chemistry, lab for Physics, lab for Biology… to serve for the purpose of researching and studying of USTH students.

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Besides, USTH also invested in many research laboratories for Professors, French and Vietnam researchers like LMI RICE, LMI DRISA and so on. 2nd and 3rd year students will have chance to work in those laboratories as research assistances. These positions help USTH students quickly get used to various necessary skills of young researchers.
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The event had more than 350 participations of students from Hung Yen high school for gifted students, Hoang Van Thu high school for gifted students in Hoa Binh province, Nguyen Trai high school for gifted students in Hai Duong and Uong Bi high school and other high schools.
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       Visitors also had chances to communicate with the Rector board, lectures, alumni and students of USTH to have more information.
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