Memoria: Prom of USTH students

Wednesday - 19/08/2015 22:48

MEMORIA is a prom organised by USTH Student Association, which is a good gathering for them to relax and to make new friends among USTHers and outsiders, as well as to appreciate their memories of being a student at USTH that they call "HOME". memoria2 1024x379 Starting from 19pm-23pm on August 22, at the 5th floor of the ICT Training Center, No.1 Hoàng Đạo Thuý street, the prom is a great attraction for students of USTH and other universities, as well as the management and staff of USTH who always give great support to their students. At USTH, extra activities such as proms, clubs of all types, volunteer campaigns etc are an important part of the campus life.