Launching the Logo of USTH’s 10-year anniversary

Wednesday - 20/11/2019 01:44

The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) officially launches the logo in celebration of USTH’s 10-year anniversary (9/12/2009 – 9/12/2019)

On 9/12/2009, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed Agreement No. 2067/QD-TTg to establish the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) in the Inter-governmental Agreement between Vietnam and France.

Throughout 10 years of striving and developing, with the interest and strong support from the Government of Vietnam, the Government of France, French Embassy in Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Union of over 40 French universities and research institutes (USTH Consortium), USTH had exceptional steps of development in training and research, and was proud to become a symbol for the close relationship and cooperation between Vietnam and France in the field of education, science and technology.

In the delightful atmosphere of USTH’s 10-year anniversary (9/12/2019), USTH officially launches the logo, which is specially and exclusively designed for this meaningful and important event.

The logo of USTH’s 10-year anniversary is designed based on the idea of collaborating 2 national flags of Vietnam and France, with 2 main colors Blue and Red, to express the close relationship between the two countries in the process of establishing, building and developing USTH.
logo 10 nam 1920x1080
The logo also reflects the role and position of USTH in the strategic cooperation relationship between the two Governments in education and research, as the affirmation of Mr. Nicolas Warnery, French Ambassador to Vietnam: “USTH is the biggest and most ambitious educational cooperation and research project between Vietnam and France”.