"It was lucky for me to do my internship in France," said Ngữ

Wednesday - 16/09/2015 03:30

Dương Quốc Ngữ, a former ICT gen 1 and M1 student at USTH, is currently a lead developer at Keeex (https://keeex.me) with a net salary of over 2,000 euro. At the threshold of the 5th anniversary of USTH, Ngữ was so excited to recall his memories at USTH, which he calls home, as well as his experience gained in the last 2 years of living and working in Marseille (Pháp) that Ngữ considers a good luck he receives from USTH and the French Consortium.
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Ngữ (first left) believes that his chance to do internship in France was a rare opportunity for Vietnamese ICT students, and he has tried to make the most of it to pursue his career ambitions. "Students should stick to what they are most interested in. The best working place for ICT students is online, but not facebook nor twitter...”, Ngữ said when asked to give a recommendation for the new students of USTH. USTH is proud to have trained students like Ngữ, and strongly hopes that Ngữ and his friends will benefit most from what USTH has provided, so as to make bolder steps of personal and professional development in the future.