Internship opportunity at Saint Paul Hospital for USTH’s MST students

Thursday - 22/03/2018 23:04

Students of Medical Science and Technology (MST) of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) will have opportunities to take internship at Saint Paul Hospital – one of prestigious hospitals in Hanoi.

It is part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by USTH and Saint Paul Hospital on March 19th, 2018. It aims to promote cooporation and exchange in the training and research of the two institutes.

Attended the ceremony, on the hospital side were Doctor Nguyen Dinh Hung – Director of the hospital – and other doctors and officials. On the USTH side were Prof. Patrick Boiron – Rector of USTH, Dr. Nguyen Quang Huy – Coordinator of MST programme; specialists of universities and institutes in France, namely Prof. Dao Thu Ha – Radiology expert and Prof. Marine Divine – Oncology expert and other officials of USTH.


Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH (right) and Doctor Nguyen Dinh Hung - Director of Saint Paul Hospital - represent the two organisations
to sign MoU

Speaking at the event, Prof. Patrick Boiron said as a university with research orientation and learners-centred method, USTH always values experiment activities.

He also stressed the importance of practice and medical field. Accordingly, practicing with medical equipment as well as observing and experiencing the hospital environment are beneficial for MST students to obtain knowledge and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

In addition, collaboration with a major hospital like Saint Paul hospital in research in training will help USTH improve its training quality, Prof. Patrick Boiron said.

Representatives of two sides at the event

According to the MoU, in training field, besides facilitating and providing internship opportunities at the hospital for students, the two sides will exchange lecturers and researchers of MST programme; fostering collaboration with French organisations for the development of student and staff exchange programme; as well as supporting facilities for teaching and research.

In terms of reseach activities, the two sides will cooperate to develop bilateral and multilateral projects with universities and institutes in France; co-organise conferences and seminars with participation of French experts as well as publish joint research publications.

The collaboration between USTH and Saint Paul is hoped to foster strong and comprehensive development of the both sides. After the ceremony, USTH representative visited facilities of the hospital and discussed more future plans.

​​​​​Representative of USTH and doctors of Saint Paul hospital discussed facilities and activities of the hospital

Saint Paul Hospital is one of the Level 1 – medical facilities of Hanoi with 600 beds, 41 rooms and nearly 1000 staff. The hospital has six departments, including Surgery, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Testing, X-ray, and Nursing. Every year, the hospital receives 600 arrivals of patients, provides inpatient treatment for 45,000 thousand patients, including severe ones from secondary hospitals and suburbs of Hanoi.

Prof. Marine Divine talked with Saint Paul's hospital doctor about treatment programmes of the hospital

The programme of Medical Science and Technology (MST) of USTH aims to compensate the lack of technical human resource in Vietnam medical field. Students of MST will be provided with basic knowledge and relevant skills to operate modern medical facilities. They will be fluent in English, France and professional in working. The MST students after graduated have opportunity to become engineer or technical staff at hospital, Medical laboratory technologist, consultants at Medical technology and equipment companies or scientific officers at any NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and/or Governmental organisations in medical field.