Graduation ceremony of the academic year 2017-2018

Tuesday - 28/11/2017 04:46

On 25th November 2017 University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - USTH (also called Vietnam France University) organized a Graduation ceremony for undergraduate students year 2014 - 2017 and postgraduate students year 2015 - 2017. 

The Graduation ceremony was attended by Prof. Patrick Boiron - Rector of USTH, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thi Mai Thanh and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Duc Thanh - Vice Rector of USTH, Mr. Gerard Gasquet, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huyen and Assoc. Prof. PhD. Vu Thi Thu Ha - Co-Director of Administration, Prof. Nguyen Van Hung and Prof. Le Tran Binh. The ceremony also has the presence of Ms. Phan Thuy Thanh - Former Ambassdor to Belgium, Luxembourg and Former Chief of Mission to European Union and Dr. Vu Thi Minh Huong - Vice Chairperson of MOWCAP Bureau and Vice President of Vietnam Records and Archives Association. 
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Prof. Patrick Boiron congratulated USTH students
In his opening speech, Prof. Patrick Boiron sent his congratulations to USTH undergraduate students year 2014 - 2017 and postgraduate students year 2015 - 2017 on completing their studies. Now all homeworks, tests and exams have belonged to the past, it's time for USTH students to enter their science and research journey with a confidence built by knowledge and skills learnt at USTH.

Then on behalf of the Rector Board, Prof. Patrick Boiron delivered the certificates of achievement to 61 undergraduate and 66 postgraduate students. 
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Prof. Patrick Boiron delivered certificates of achievements to students
On behalf of newly graduates at USTH, Nguyen Anh Vu - a postgraduate student from Master of Biotechnology Pharmacology said:
"USTH will always remain in my heart as a place which opens the door to the world of science and research for students. At USTH, I earned an international academic environment. Training programs at the university have nurtured my passion for science and given me an insight into modern science and research knowledge. 
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Nguyen Anh Vu gave a speech on behalf of all USTH students

Moreover, at USTH I had the chance to meet good friends who came from different backgrounds but shared with me a passion for science and research. After today we are going to go on different paths. I cannot tell you what we should do next because each of us takes our own route to success.
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Prof. Patrick Boiron delivered the certificate of achievement to a newly graduate

However, one important lesson I learnt during my time at USTH is we have bravery to face any obstacles, to raise our voice and find the opportunity for ourselves. Therefore, don't be afraid of obstacles because they don't stay there forever. Regardless of the route you take, keep in mind your goal and idea of who you want to become". 

This is also the final words that all lectures at USTH want to send to undergraduate and postgraduate in the Graduation ceremony. Keep your bravery and passion to pursue your journey of exploration not only in Vietnam but also in the world.