Gender Equality and Sexual Safety Campaign Program kicks off working groups

Monday - 07/09/2015 01:19

Gender Equality and Sexual Safety Campaign Program (called # ĐỪNG - # DON’T) aims at not only raising the awareness for USTH’s students on gender issues and sexual safety but also bringing a good opportunity for empowering students and fostering their activities to be professional. Just two days after opening the recruitment for volunteers, the organizing committee has received a great number of applications (more than the target number) from USTH’s students to join key working groups: comedy team, decoration team, reception team, MC team, communication team, and game team. A set of criteria has been established to select members for each team.
In the afternoon of September 6th 2015, the selected members gathered in the USTH campus for a short training run by Well-being Co.,ltd which provides technical assistance and services to organize the whole campaign. The students showed their great interest in the campaign as well as enthusiasm in making their contribution to having a successful and impressive event. They also took their pride of being involved in such a significant event, having a chance to learn about team working, organizing skill, communication skill, and understand about the topics covered in the program. Right after the workshop, all students are ready to get their tasks started.