FabLab USTH leaves strong impression at Hung Yen Gifted High School's STEM Day

Wednesday - 28/03/2018 05:12

FabLab USTH brought various creative products to the “STEM Day 4.0 of Hung Yen Gifted High School” and impressed a number of students and parents.

The event was organised by Hung Yen Gifted High School on March 26th, 2018 to foster passion for science and creativity of students and provide opportunities to teachers and administration officials to approach modern teaching method.


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STEM Day at Hung Yen Gifted High School

The event drew attendance of students of 30 classes and nearly 20 local businesses, universities, high schools, secondary schools and department of education and training with over 1000 display products. USTH was a guest of honour of the event together with Tokyo Human Health Science University Vietnam, Academy For Creation S3, Kidcode and so on.

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FabLab USTH members introduced products 3D printing products to participants

At the event, technical products made by USTH students such as 3D printer, Led Cube, the winning product in HACKATHON competition attracted a number of students, parents and teachers. Prominently, students were impressed by the 3D Printer and its products. FabLab USTH members enthusiastically explained mechanisms of Led Cube and 3D printing-methods.

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High school students were excited about FabLab USTH

“It is very exciting to be explained about how a 3D printer works and observe the printing process”, Tran Tieu Yen, Grade 11 of Physics, Hung Yen High School for the Gifted said with a newly made 3D product in her hand.

I would like to see more activities like STEM Day, so that we, students, can experience and express our creativity. My class made two products from recycle materials such as plastic boxes and calendar paper.”

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A 3D printing product of FabLab USTH

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics in English. STEM education is an advanced, global-trending education model widely applied by numerous countries to the education that combines science and technology, theory and practice, research and development to maximize the creativity of students at all levels.

As a university specializing in science and technology training, USTH is always willing to support science events such as the STEM Day. Throughout the day, students not only have the opportunity to experience science, but can also apply the theoretical knowledge to the reality of producing their own products. In addition, this event provided a venue for technology-savvy individuals to follow their passion, or to nurture the love for science of students.