Fablab USTH – A workshop for innovation enthusiasts

Sunday - 11/03/2018 21:48

Over the past six months, Fablab USTH has been always filled with laughter and machinery sounds since its inception. This is place where students of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) who are passionate about technology are delighted to realise their creative ideas.

Fablab is a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication and a platform for innovation lovers to turn their ideas into reality. In Vietnam, Fablabl model has reached many major cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. However, the number of Fablabs in universities is still limited. And USTH is proud to be one of a few universities in Vietnam opening Fablab for students.

Based on the initiative of establishing a science club for students, Fablab USTH was set up in October 2017 through the project "Supporting the spirit of innovation and building skills in new technology - USTH Fablab ", funded by the Francophone University Association (AUF). It is a space for students to transform theoretical knowledge into experimental products, thus finding technical solutions to address problems that students are not able to do so previously.

A space where ideas are realised

Thanks to Fablab, a number of innovative products of students have been created such 3D Printers, CNC cutters or hydroponic projects combining mechanical, electronic and biological systems.

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A Fablab member was designing a 3D printer at HACKATHON 1 competition (Photo: Fablab USTH Facebook)

​​​​​Additionally, Fablab USTH has organised various technical competitions, such as the first HACKATHON competition themed Household Appliances for the lab members in the last February. Currently, it has been organsing the second HACKATHON event for all USTH members.

A completed 3D printer

Besides, the lab has also held a 3D Printer Assembly Workshop in collaboration with American Centre, creation activities for science youngsters and Probation Period event for junior students of the university.

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The 3D printer assembly workshop at American Centre (Photo: Fablab USTH Facebook)

A family of innovation enthusiasts

“Fablab is not only a venue but also a family for innovation enthusiasts of USTH”, said Le Viet Hoa – President of Fablab USTH - Year 2 student of the Food Science and Technology programme.


The most exciting thing is that Fablab USTH has connected students of different programmes, ranging from information technology, energy, biotechnology and so on.


“We stayed at the lab quite late, until 7-8pm during events, but no one complained anything. Everyone was devoted to work”, Hoa said.


She added that at Fablab, people are genuinely being themselves and are delighted to follow their hobbies and meet up with like-minded folks. 

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Fablab members were exchanging innovation ideas (Photo: Fablab USTH Facebook)

Students can take advantage of their abilities to the joint-projects at the lab. For example, the hydroponic project requires multidisciplinary knowledge of biology, electronic physics and mechanical engineering. Therefore, the lab members can apply their major background and personal strengths to rock the project. Besides, they are offered opportunities to develop soft skills such as communication and management through their projects and activities.

It seems Fablab USTH is always fulled of laughter and discussion about innovation. The lab is embracing many plans such as supporting students to turn more ideas into reality, broadening its network of partners to universities in Hanoi and establishing a Makers Community that is beyond USTH zone.

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 Fablab member was introducing a product to students of Lam Son High School for the Gifted at Science Day (Photo: Fablab USTH Facebook)


With the belief "passion must be nurtured and developed," USTH always offers the best conditions for students to access to modern facilities, to promote their creativity and turn their ideas into reality. Fablab USTH is the place that nurtures invention dreams, passion flame as well as the "can do" spirit of the Vietnamese young technology enthusiasts.