Dr. Doan Nhat Quang won the best paper award at CITA 2018

Tuesday - 09/10/2018 00:49

On August 29, 2018, Dr. Doan Nhat Quang, a lecturer-researcher from the department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), has got the best paper award at the 7th Conference on Information Technology and its Applications (CITA 2018).

At the conference held on last September in Da Nang, the paper of Dr. Doan Nhat Quang titled “Customer clustering based on shopping items from social network” was selected as the best one at CITA 2018.


Specifically, this paper proposes an unsupervised learning model to process and perform clustering on data from transaction history of customers; then group them into communities based on certain similar purchased items. The idea of developing such a system has began to form in the mind of Dr. Quang since his PhD thesis in France.

cita 2018
This year's conference was held in Danang city

"This research plays an important role in developing a Recommender System - a path we hope to pursue in the future. When customers are divided into groups with similar interests, it is easier for companies to advertise products that suit customer needs, thus improve their sale. Furthermore, based on the data analysis from available groups of buyers, the system would be able to identify potential customers and expand the market for businesses", Dr. Quang explained.


These days, due to the growth in e-commerce of social network, customer clustering to extract their purchasing behavior is important for the creation of strategic business initiatives and decision making. The paper of Dr. Doan Nhat Quang is highly appreciated by the Award Council for its practical application proven by the results tested on the basis of Amazon.


CITA, which was first held in 2012, is a scientific conference dedicated to young scientists in the field of ICT and Applications.  After 6 years of occasion, the CITA 2018 has officially become a national scientific conference. The conference aims to provide great opportunities for researchers, scientists and experts to interact with each other, exchange new developments face-to-face and establish mutually beneficial research relationships.

The conference was attended by several experts of the field


This year, CITA received 63 papers from nearly 150 authors across the country and selected 40 scientific papers for publication in the CITA VII yearbook. The majority of the papers this year focus on the application of information technology in diverse areas of life such as health, economics, transport or urban infrastructure and education.