Doctoral Day 2018 held successfully

Monday - 21/05/2018 05:03

The Doctoral Day was held successfully for the second time by the Doctoral School of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) on May 17th, 2018. 

The event drew participation of 43 scientists, researchers, PhD students, USTH students and attendees of other institutes and universities. There were 18 reports in overall, including 15 presentations and 3 posters with topics ranging from space, renewable energy, material science, environmental science, information technology to biotechnology. They all focused on significant issues of Vietnam such as renewable energy development in Vietnam, artificial leaves to replace fossil energy, nearly zero energy building and so on. 

IMG 1531
Dr. Nguyen Tran Thuat delivered his presentation at the event

Notably, this year’s event had the attendance of guest speaker Dr. Nguyen Tran Thuat - Researcher of Nano and Energy Centre (under Hanoi University of Science, VNU), who delivered a presentation titled “A case study of research and development in renewable energy in Vietnam viewed as a start-up”

The jury included well-known and experienced scientists and scholars of different fields. On the USTH side were Assoc. Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh – Vice Rector, Dr. Tran Dinh Phong, Director of Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Luong Chi Mai – Co-Director of Department of Information and Communication Technology and Prof. Michel Lebrun – Director of Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology. Other scientists were Dr. Nguyen Tran Thuat - Researcher of Nano and Energy Centre; Prof. Pierre Darriulat – the international leading physicist, academic of Vietnam National Space Centre (VNSC) in 1986 and Dr. Pham Ngoc Diep – Head of Department of Astrophysics - VNSC. 

IMG 1558
PhD student presented at the event

According to the jury, the reports were high-quality, some of which being outstanding. Presenters spoke English clearly to well deliver research results to audiences and discussed effectively with the jury and scientists at the event.

For the results of the 2nd Doctoral Day, the jury selected the two best reports including:

- Initial ultilisation of whole exome sequencing analysis to detect genetical abnormalities in multiple myeloma patients at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion by Mr. Tran Cong Hoang (National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion)

- Engineering of a viable artificial leaf for solar hydrogen generation by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duc (USTH)

IMG 1534
Research poster at the event

Speaking at the event, Assoc. Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh said, as a research-oriented university with an aim to training high quality human resources in science and technology, USTH always strives to promote the training of PhD students, besides Bachelors and Masters.

Doctoral Day is an important activity held annually that provides a platform for PhD students to present their progress and research results, as well as exchange ideas with other researchers, he stressed, adding that reports with better quality is a motivation for USTH to continue to organize such kind of academic exchange activity in the future.

IMG 1571
The jury and participating PhD students at the event