Clean Energy and Sustainable Development lab Workshop 2015: Clean energy in Vietnam after COP21

Friday - 09/10/2015 01:43

The workshop, which will take place on December 17-18, 2015 is now making the first call for papers. Entitled "Clean energy in Vietnam after COP21", the workshop is going to cover the main topics of: Energy development prospective, scenarios, visions and planning; Cost and potential of energy sources, including biomass, waste, wind, solar, sea; Innovative energy technologies, including photovoltaic, thermophysical transformation of biomass, carbon capture and storage, smart grid; and Low carbon society, energy transition, behavioural change, efficient energy use, acceptability of projects and technologies. The workshop is open to disciplinary or interdisciplinary papers drawing from the Electrical Engineering, Process Engineering, Public Policy, Technology Assessment, Economics, Social Psychology and other areas of Science and Technology. Attendance is free, by registration, and a limited number of grants is available for selected speakers from Vietnam or abroad. The CleanED lab would like to thank the Embassy of France which has financed this project. For more details of the Papers call, please refer to: Callforpapers_Workshop_CleanED_December The Clean Energy and Sustainable Development (CleanED) lab ( is an international and interdisciplinary research team contributing to the green growth of the energy sector in Vietnam. Established in December 2014 with support from USTH and the French Embassy, the CleanED lab hosts today four researchers from France and Vietnam, three doctoral fellows and two internationally qualified staff under the direction of Dr. Minh Ha-Duong.