Celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20/11

Thursday - 17/11/2016 09:02

Teaching is hornored as the noblest among the noble profesions. The tradition of the Vietnamese to highly respect and honor the teachers.
In the atmosphere of celebration of the Vietnamese Teachers' Day, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi organzied a party to cherish the Vietnamese Teachers' Day.

Every year, the 20th November is dedicated to USTH's lecturers and staff who have made great efforts with many significant contributions for training the " future generation" and to the university's development.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, USTH wishes you great health, happiness, and success in teaching.

                                                                                       Confessions from USTH's students

   Musical perfromance by USTH's lecturers

                                                                       Prof. Patrick Boiron received flowers from students 
                                     On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, USTH's students express their feelings,
                                                                      their special thanks to their beloved lecturers                                                       
                                                                         USTH's lecturers performed their talents
                                                                          Happy Vietnamese Teachers' Day