A glimpse of Energy Department’s CleanED lab

Tuesday - 10/04/2018 00:23

Modern and synchronous facilities are one of the prerequisites leading to the sustainable development and success of universities and students.

As one of prestigious universities in Vietnam with research orientation in the field of science and technology, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University), USTH always appreciates practice. The University has built and developed a system of specialised laboratories for each of its training programs to meet the needs of students.

Thanks to the strong support of USTH Consortium, until the end of 2017, USTH has built nine joint international laboratories with modern facilities, one of which being a laboratory of USTH Department of Energy’s the Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Centre or CleanED Lab.

CleanED Centre was established in 2014 under the cooperation of two French research institutes CIRED and CIRAD and USTH with initial financial support of French Embassy. It is a platform for research projects on renewable energy and sustainable development of Vietnam as well as training for scientists and next generation of students in this field.

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An overview of CleanED lab

CleanEd lab is equipped with modern facilities, sponsored by French government for thermal, electrical and energy conversion studies.

The sample of heating system in the building and the air-conditioning system are among advanced equipment of CleanED. They simulate the principles and operation process of heating and air-conditioning system in buildings and are used for practice lessons of the Bachelor and Master programmes.

The heating system in the building


The air-conditioning system

Meanwhile, the macro thermogravimetric reactor is the modern research equipment available only at USTH. This device has component analysis, residue determination and thermal stability, with a sample mass hundreds of times larger than TGA thermal analyzers.

Macro thermogravimetric reactor - available only at USTH

In addition, CleanED houses other facilities such as dryers, furnaces and calorimeters that provide near-sample analysis for fundamental comparison of materials (coal, biomass, etc.).

Pelletizer is used in the manufacture and research of pelleting technology from various materials.

Not only does CleanED offers a venue for students to practice, it also provides a platform for USTH scientists, faculty, and students conduct their energy-related research.

Since its inception in 2014, CleanED has been involved in and implemented a number of energy projects. One of them is the "Objectif labos 2015" project, funded by the French Embassy, aiming to support incoming French and international researchers to work and promote the development of science and technology of USTH. In addition, there is a project to develop micro-intelligent systems and applications for energy management in buildings, funded by USTH, in collaboration with the UJF and Grenoble University.

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Students do experiement at CleanED

CleanED is also one of the active members of the USTH in promoting energy policy in Vietnam through cooperation with non-governmental organizations or international projects. Graduates of the Faculty of Energy at USTH are highly appreciated by both domestic and foreign renewable energy organizations for their professional skills as well as their ability to speak foreign languages ​​and professional working styles thanks to experience at modern laboratories like CleanED.