A field trip to organic farm with USTH EcoClub

Tuesday - 12/06/2018 05:26

Learning about organic vegetables and trying hands at making mint tea were exciting experience that 30 USTH students had during a field trip to Tue Vien organic farm in Cu Khoi Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi on June 3rd, 2018. 

The event was organised by USTH EcoClub with an aim of providing participants with basic knowledge about organic agriculture, thus enhancing their awareness of the use of environmentally-friendly, safety agricultural products, in

Visiting Tue Vien Farm (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

The trip allowed attendees to discover agriculture ecosystem by listening to sharing of the owners about organic farming practices and Tue Vien’s “6 No’s” production process. At the farm, vegetables are grown and processed with 6 No’s rules: no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides, no herbicides, growth stimulants, no genetically modified and no preservative after harvest. This circle process ensures safety of not only products but also the producers.

Meetin the farm owner (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

In addition, participants gained first-hand experience in making mint tea and organic pesticides as well as playing games to understand clean and safe agriculture better. They had been provided with basic know-how about organic agriculture – related issues during a talkshow held by EcoClub before the trip.

Making mint tea (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

“The trip to Tue Vien has brought a fresh spirit to me, eliminating the recent anxiety caused by the upcoming final exam. Throughout our trip, we learned more about the types of plants, organic farming practices, understanding how precious ecosystems are to human survival, "said an attendee.

Participants having fun during the trip (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

Another said: “Besides the knowledge of organic agriculture, the trip gives us valuable lessons, which are to appreciate the agricultural products we eat everyday because it is the result of hard-working peasants and to treasure what life gives us as well as to have clear goals in life. " 

EcoClub is held by USTH masters and bachelors with the same interests in environmental issues. The main purpose of the club is to inspire and promote understanding of ecological concepts; thus spreading the ideas and encouraging practical action of each individual to contribute to the greener USTH campus. 

Since its inception, USTH EcoClub has implemented a variety of programs such as field trips, discussions, and film screenings on various aspects of environmental topics such as wildlife conservation, agriculture waste, ecological lifestyle, air pollution, etc.

At the community talk about plastic waste (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

Prior to that, the USTH EcoClub organized a trip to the Me Linh Station for Biodiversity in Cuc Phuong National Park and a community talk on plastic waste with the participation of guests from GreenHub and the project teams of "Say no to nylon bags" and "Deplasticize project". The programs attracted not only the students of USTH but also other attendees and received many positive feedbacks.

A visit to Me Linh Station to Biodiversity (Photo: USTH EcoClub)

In the time to come, EcoClub plans to launch a media campaign about practical actions that USTH teachers, staff and students can take to build a greener and environmentally- friendlier campus, in order to achieve the goal of forming and developing "ecological lifestyle at USTH".