Professor Ngo Bao Chau shares his study experience with USTH students

Monday - 07/03/2011 19:51

During sharing his study experiences, Prof. Chau advised students of USTH and Vietnamese students in common to study in library. “When I did my PhD thesis, I worked in the library for 10 hours per day. Working with computer and Internet is very interesting but they easily distract you from your research. Therefore, I think that at some point you should study with books instead of using computer so that you can really concentrate on your study”.

In the meeting with Directorate Board of USTH, Prof Ngo Bao Chao had a frank discussion on important role of USTH as a international public in the Vietnamese Higher Education system. In addition, he also assessed training program, training quality and enrolment of USTH as a member of USTH’s board of international experts.

USTH is a world-class university established under Bilateral Agreement between Vietnamese and French Governments. USTH lecturers are Vietnamese and French professors who are much experienced in training, technical-scientific researching.  Moreover, diplomas by USTH for students to continue studying and working in the international environment are granted by both Vietnam and French.