Meeting with AFD Vietnam Delegation

Tuesday - 02/12/2014 21:33

AFD is a French public establishment with a mission of general interest: development financing. Being a specialized financial institution, it supports economic and social project in public and private sectors. We are operating in over 60 countries all over the world. In Vietnam, AFD has financed more than 70 projects since 1994 and is today targeting 100 million euro of annual commitment in sovereign loans. Our financing is untied and open to international bidding. AFD is member of the 6 Banks group.

With regards to the project mentioned in the subject, the primary objective is to help narrow development gaps between CLMV countries and other ASEAN countries through policy-oriented research activities and capacity building programs. This research project is part of the project of economic integration enhancement in ASEAN by the Asean Economic Community – AEC. It has been identified in 2012 by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and AFD.

Phase One has been conducted by ADBI and had a focus on agriculture and the challenges ahead in this sector in the CLMV countries. The project’s Phase Two focuses on the impact of trade liberalization on the structure, competitiveness and needed reforms of the economies of the 4 countries. This Phase Two will be carried out by AFD and Mr Michel Fouquin – senior economist from the CEPII research center in France.

The objective of the meeting is to get USTH's analysis on the issues raised from the Phase Two of the Project.