2018 Integration Day for new students

Wednesday - 05/09/2018 23:35

As part of a serie of events celebrating the new school year 2018-2019, on August 31st 2018, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH)  organized the Integration Day for the students of the 9th Generation.

The event was attended by Assoc.Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh, Vice-Rector, Dr. Dao Thanh Duong, Director of Undergraduate School with USTH lecturers, researchers and all freshers, alumni of the university.

In the opening speech, Assoc.Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh explained the opportunities and challenges that new students may face while studying at USTH. However, Assoc.Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh believed with the good science background from high schools and consistent support from lecturers and staff, new students would quickly adapt to the new environment and achieve good studying results.

PGS.TS Ngô Đức Thành
Assoc.Prof. Ngo Duc Thanh delivered the opening speech


In addition, USTH lecturers and staff gave freshmen an overview of USTH by providing useful information such as the academic policies, student life and scholarships programs. New students also took part in exciting games to discover the online supporting learning platform Moodle.

TS Đào Thanh Dương
Dr. Dao Thanh Duong provided information about USTH academic policies
sinh viên USTH
The event was also an opportunity for new students to ask questions related to the university activities

In particular, the 2018 Integration Day welcomed Mr. Dong Sy Trung, an alumni of ICT Department, who is currently working at Vietcombank. He delivered a sincere and close talk about his time studying in USTH, as well as shared his experiences in searching an international internship. Mr. Trung also sent greetings to new students and wish them a successful learning journey at USTH.

Cựu sinh viên usth
Mr. Dong Sy Trung, an USTH alumnus participated in the Integration Day

The USTH student life is filled with colorful extracurricular activities. Therefore, the second half of the Integration Day is dedicated to introduce USTH Clubs prepared by the students themselves. Many interesting clubs like Fablab USTH. M&M Music Club, USTH Photography Club or USTH EcoClub have joined the event with proper booths of presentation and countless lovely presents for freshmen.


USTH Eco Club
USTH EcoClub with an introduction to environmental protection methods attracted the attention of students

Attending the event, Pham Thu Uyen, a freshman of the 9th generation, said: "The event gives me a lot of emotions: anxiety, excitement and pleasure. It was great to discover the university where I will spend my coming years. I am very happy that I get new friends and gather a lot of useful information thus I can outline my own plan for personal and professional development."

Integration Day is a meaningful annual event of USTH to introduce and help new students quickly inclusive into the studying environment at university. The event is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the activities at USTH, as well as to answer questions from students about related issues. This is also an opportunity for new students to meet and get acquainted with the lecturers and other fellows, which helps tighten the relationship between the members of USTH.

Some photos at the event:

Giang viên USTH






Prof. Patrick Boiron


sinh viên USTH





(Photos: USTH Photography Club)