2015 internship at ICTLAB of USTH

Sunday - 25/01/2015 20:26

Hereafter is a list of four possible subjects. Candidates will be selected according to their academical skills and the adequation of their profile with the subject.

Please send your application to the supervisors mentioned in the subjects before the 14th of February. We will study your application and interviews will be held during the week starting from the 2nd of March.

The internship students will be hosted by the ICT lab of USTH, in the city center of Hanoï. The salary for Vietnamese students who already live in Hanoï is 250 US$.

For foreigner students or Vietnamese students living away from Hanoï, we can obtain some additional funding to cover their mobility to Hanoï.

For foreigner students, the salary will be set according to the legal regulations in their origin country.

For further details, please kindly download USTH-ICT-lab-internship-proposals-2015