10 USTH students to receive Odon Vallet scholarships

Tuesday - 04/08/2015 00:23

This year, the Rencontres du Vietnam Organization offers USTH Bachelor and Master students 10 scholarships valued at VND14 million/student. Based on the students’ academic results of academic year 2015, USTH management have chosen 10 best Bachelor and Master students who will be awared with the scholarship later this August. This program is part of the plan of awarding 2,250 Odon Vallet scholarships, with total value of nearly VND20 billion. Earlier, the scholarships have been offered to students in northern, central region and Central Highlands of Vietnam. The Odon Vallet scholarships was founded by “Meeting Vietnam” Science and Education Organization in 2001 and funded by Professor Odon Vallet - University of Sorbonne (France). Prof. Odon Vallet is the heir of Vallet family’ assets of around 100 million Euro. His entire asset is deposited in a bank, and the annual rate from this deposit is used in funding Odon Vallet scholarships. The Scholarships are also awarded to students in France, Vietnam and some African countries; with the main purpose of giving financial support for young scientists, as well as contributing in science development in these countries.