Solar PV - Opportunities and Challenges

Friday - 25/08/2017 05:47

On 21st August 2017  in Hanoi, USTH Clean Energy and Sustainable Development Laboratory (CleanED) organized a workshop on solar PV development in Vietnam: current situation and emerging issues.

Solar PV trend is widely adopted  in developed countries due to its price advantage and environmental protection. USTH's CleanED cooperated  with the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance (VSEA)to organize a workshop on "Development of Solar PV  in Vietnam" to promote the potentials of renewable energy in Vietnam.

The workshop was the first event of “Vietnam Renewable Energy Week 2017" . It attracted the participation of many experts from well-known organizations including: Dr. Ha Duong Minh – Director of  CleanED, Dr. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh – USTH’s lecturer of Energy department, Mr. Do Duc Tuong - Clean energy advisor of USAID Vietnam, Mr. Rainer Brohm - Representative of RB renewable energy company in Germany.

At the workshop, Ms. Hoang Thu Huong – Deputy Head of the industrial division under the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission said the electricity infrastructure in Vietnam has basically met economic development demand. However, in the future, the electricity infrastructure system in Vietnam still needs to be improved to meet the requirements of the economic development. The government is also focusing on developing solar PV.

The VII power development plan proposes the target of exploitation of around 850MW of solar PV by 2020; up to 4.000MW by 2025 and around 12.000MW by 2030.


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According to the evaluation of Vietnam Energy Association (VEA) Vietnam is one of the countries having the most sunlight on the world's solar radiation map with a total solar radiation levels ranging from 4,300,000 to 5,670,000 kWh/m2. The Central Highlands  and South Central regions recorded 2.000 – 2.600 hours of sunshine every year.

However, despite the great potential, most of the solar power projects in Vietnam are at  small scales. Currently, only  Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has invested in big projects. Small and medium enterprises have not yet entered the market due to investment risks and the government incentive policies.

From the international experience of developing solar PV in Germany, the leading nation in developing solar PV, Mr. Rainer Brohm said it would be wasteful if the local firms don’t invest in renewable energy sector since it has a  huge potential in Vietnam. Furthermore, solar PV projects will create job opportunities, and boost the economic development in Vietnam.

The experts and guests of the workshop agreed that Vietnam needs a long-term and stable price policy for  solar energy to encourage investors to participate in the sector.



Following the trend of renewable energy in the future development, USTH's Energy Department has been working hard on solar PV projects. From 2015, the research team including Dr.Nguyen Xuan Truong, Dr.Nguyen Dinh Quang from USTH cooperated with the research team from G2Elab - Grenoble Alpes University and Dr. Dang Hoang Anh from Hanoi University of Industry implemented the project "Development of smart electricity grids for energy management in buildings".

The purpose of this project is to use solar cell systems for electronic devices to create a convenient and energy-saving environment in buildings through the use of intelligent control technology.

It is expected by the end of 2017, a model and solar cell system will be put into trial operation at USTH research center in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park.