Dr. Nguyen Hoang Ha and the experience at Trento University, Italy

Not only for students, the internation academic exchange program Erasmus+ also brings memorable experiences to lecturers, researchers and staff from member universities. As an USTH lecturer participing in this program, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Ha (Department of Information and Communication Technology - USTH) shared about his impressive visit at Trento University, Italy in March 2019.

Although Dr. Hoang Ha has visited Trento University before, the first time working at this prestigious Italian university within the framework of Erasmus + Teaching Mobility program still brought him many new experiences. He expressed his strong impression by the international environment, excellent facilities for research and teaching, and especially the professional working environment there.

The lecturer from ICT department also asserted that the trip has provided him the opportunity to improve his professional competences. "Firstly, it helped me to develop pedagogical mindset as I can observe how classes here are organized, as well as I had interesting time to work with students from different countries which help me to progress my communication skill. Additionally, it brought me the opportunity to exchange ideas and expertise with the research team lead my Prof. Nicola Conci, and to establish a connection between ICT departments of two universities, resulting possible collaborations in both teaching and research."
Erasmus A Hoàng Hà ICT Trento 2019
Dr. Nguyen Hoang Ha and international students at Trento University, Italy

"The city of Trento by itself is quiet and beautiful. Not far from the city, Val di Funes is a must-visit place because of its truly amazing scenery. For all those things, I highly recommend Trento University for those who are seeking a place to study or follow an academic career."

Some photos of picturest Trento taken by Dr. Hoang Ha:
Erasmus A Hoàng Hà ICT Trento 2019 3
Erasmus A Hoàng Hà ICT Trento 2019 2
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Erasmus + is a famous international academic exchange program not only for students, but also for lecturers-researchers of universities around the world. Specifically, Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility program gives staff and lecturers an opportunity to participate in training activities and exchange cooperation at partner universities, in order to improve their professional academic skills, as well as broaden their career network. 

Last year, within the framework of this program, USTH sent 5 lecturers-researchers and administrative staff to work abroad; 4 lecturers from partner institutions were invited to participate in teaching and researching activities at the university.