Traineeship at USTH

How to apply 

Step 1: Intern student submits internship application dossier to International Cooperation Office (ICO):

1. Contact, discuss and get approval of prospective supervisors at home university and USTH on student’s internship plan.
2. Complete internship application form, internship agreement and obtains all signatures of home supervisors and representatives prior to submitting the Internship Application package to International Office, USTH.
3. Submit Intern Application Dossier (scanned copy) to International Cooperation Office via email: 

Step 2: ICO submits internship application dossier to Rector Board for approval of internship agreement and
acceptance letter.

Step 3: ICO provides internship agreement and an acceptance letter to students.  

Step 4:  VISA application (student self-apply or support by USTH’s International Affairs Officer) and find a dormitory place/guesthouse (

Step 5: Student arrives and starts the internship

Download form:  Certificate of Arrival 

Step 6: Supervisors complete Internship Final Evaluation Form
(by template provided by home institution or USTH)

Download form:  USTH’s Internship Evaluation Form