Photo contest "USTH Moment"

19 Oct 2018 - 10 Nov 2018

09:00 PM – 06:00 AM
Are you passionate about photography? Are you always keen on seeing the world through the lens? Do you have a nice moment captured at USTH that you want to share? The Photo Contest "USTH Moment" is destined for you!

This year's contest, named "USTH Moment", will be an intriguing and meaningful event, where the student's creativity and artistic inspiration can blossom. Additionally, the contest is also an opportunity for students to share their vision about the university and appreciate great moments with their teachers and their peers as well. 

Who can join?
All students are studying at USTH (both individual and group contestants are accepted)

The photo should reflect...
- Different corners of study, research... at USTH
- Beautiful moments of USTH mentorships and friendships
- Each photo must have a name and a caption 

The photo will be evaluated based on...
- Its content
- The creativity
- The photographic technique (photo quality, layout, light, color...)
- The name and the caption 

And the prizes are...
- 1 first prize: 1.000.000 VND
- 1 second prize: 500.000 VND
- 1 third prize: 300.000 VND
- 1 "Most popular photo" prize : 300.000 VND (All photos will be uploaded to USTH's official Facebook to be voted by the number of likes and shares on each photo. 1 share is considered as 2 likes)

The photo should be sent to between October 20th and November 11th, 2018
The results will be announced during the event celebrating the Vietnamese Teachers' Day held at USTH on November 19th, 2018,
USTH photo contest