1st Meeting of Young Vietnamese Community of Astronomy (YVCA), 21-22 December 2017, Paris-France

20 Dec 2017 - 22 Dec 2017

09:30 PM – 08:00 AM
Young Vietnamese Community of Astronomy is organizing a scientific meeting for Young Vietnamese scientists working in the fields of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology. The meeting aims to gather master, Ph.D. students, postdocs, and senior researchers in the Vietnamese Astronomy community not only to present their scientific works but also share their experience in doing research. The meeting goal is to foster connection among community scientists, to promote interdisciplinary discussion, and to provide ground for potential collaboration. We hope to make the meeting as an annual event for the Vietnamese Astronomy community.

A broad range of topics will be covered: Satellite technology, remote sensing, exoplanets, star formation, galactic & extragalactic, large-scale structure, Big Bang universe, dark matter, dark energy, black hole, etc...

Please find below the event details:
Time: From 9:30 on 21st December 2017 to 20:00 on 22nd December 2017
Venue: AstroParticle and Cosmology (APC) Laboratory, Paris, France 

Please register for attendance at: https://goo.gl/forms/j1b53bLkkMvio18k1
Deadline for registration: 6th December 2017 
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