Discover the French universities that co-grant Master’s degree in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology with USTH

France is a country that is well-known for training in fundamental science with many research groups, which is specialized in the field of Nanomaterials. Let’s find out more about the French universities that cooperate with USTH in training and co-granting the Master’s degree in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

1. University of Paris 11

University of Paris 11, also known as Paris-Sud University or University of Southern Paris, is located in the southern suburbs of the capital of France. In particular, the campus in Orsay is the main campus of the University of Paris 11 and the largest campus in France with a rich eco-system, which is considered as a natural conservation park.
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A corner of University of Paris 11's campus

University of Paris 11 is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in France and Europe in science as well as well-known for the scientists who have won Nobel Prizes and Fields Medal. One of them is Professor Ngo Bao Chau. There are also many other leading scholars and businessmen who graduated from this university, including Bertrand Serlet, former Apple’s Vice President.
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The Institute of Mathematics of University of Paris 11

In 2017, University of Paris 11 was ranked 41st in the world, 2nd in France and 10th in Europe according to the ARWU World University Rankings. Especially, the university was ranked 5th in the field of mathematics and physics and 23rd in the field of science and technology.

There are more than 30,000 students studying at the University of Paris 11; among them, approximately 5,000 students are the international ones from 125 countries that study at the campuses in the southern suburb of Paris. The Orsay campus is recognized for its contribution to research on the field of physics and chemistry. The university has 104 research units and some of the most high-class laboratories in France in many research fields such as nuclear physics, astrophysics, atomic physics, electronics, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
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The unique architecture of the university

The C2N Nano Science and Technology Center is a research unit of Paris Sud University, which is the workplace of 410 members including 120 lecturers - researchers as well as 80 engineers and technicians. Located in an area of 18,000m2 with a 2,900m2 clean room, a center for micro-nanotechnology research and 4 basic research and applications on nano, C2N promises to become an international nano-center.
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Students study and talk together on the campus.

2. University of Paris 7

University of Paris 7, also known as Paris Diderot University, is a multidisciplinary university located in District 13 of Paris. The university was founded in 1970 and is one of the earliest public universities in France to be established in Europe.
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Korean Garden on the campus of University of Paris 7.

Each year, the university welcomes approximately 29,000 students; among them, there are more than 6,000 international students studying in the field of science, healthcare, social science and humanities. The university’s research activities focus on 102 research groups, 87 laboratories with more than 2,000 PhDs, more than half of them are lecturers - researchers. Among the lecturers of the university, two of them won Nobel Prizes, one received a Holberg Award and other two lecturers were Ministers of Education in France.
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One of the largest libraries of Paris is on the campus of the university - Grands Moulins Library.

University of Paris 7 is consistently ranked high in the rankings of the world’s top universities. It is ranked 5th in France and 45th in the world in the field of Mathematics according to the rankings of Jiao Tong University, Shanghai. Also, in the rankings of Times Higher Education, this university is ranked 166th of the world’s top universities.
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ITODYS Laboratory - a joint unit of Paris-Diderot University

USTH’s Master’s program is strongly supported by ITODYS Laboratory - a joint unit of Paris-Diderot University and CNRS's Institute of Chemistry. ITODYS consists of 73 researchers as well as 40 doctoral and postdoctoral students. This is a laboratory that develops the research on the fields of Surface Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Nanoscience. The laboratory possesses modern equipment that is constantly upgraded to improve the quality of the characterization of materials, surfaces and nanosystems (SEM, AFM, XPS, X-ray diffraction, Raman, IR, SECM, GC-MS, NMR ..).

3. University of Paris 13

The University of Paris 13 is in the list of top 10 universities in France and ranked in the list of best 400 universities in the world according to the rankings of Times Higher Education. The University of Paris 13, also called Paris Nord, was founded in 1971. This university offers a variety of training programs and has 5 campuses located in northern Paris.
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The campus of the University of Paris 13.

With more than 24,000 students and approximately 5,000 graduates each year, the University of Paris 13 is well-known for its extracurricular and athletic activities for a long time. More than 10,000 students participate in the activities of arts or sports, and the university has 44 different student clubs. University of Paris 13 also focuses on international cooperation with universities under the framework of Erasmus Scholarships.
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One of the buildings at the University of Paris 13.

Among more than 30 laboratories of the University of Paris 13, USTH’s Department of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology has established a close partnership with the Laboratory of Photomolecular Science (LSPM), which was established in 2011 with 70 researchers and 45 PhDs as well as lots of students. LSPM mainly researches on the fields of plasma, the nanostructure of diamonds and nanomaterials.

4. Reims University

With the geographical advantage of being only 45 minutes away by express train from Paris, Reims is a city with a high living standard compared to other cities in France. It is not only famous for being an ancient city but also a production center of champagne, textile products, food and equipment for the field of space. As the largest in the Champagne-Ardenne region, the “City of Kings” has been honored as a heritage city for its architectural landmarks and various cultural activities.
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The unique architecture of Reims University.

Established in 1967, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) is the only public university in the city. URCA is a multidisciplinary public university in France with the common European framework for LMD (bachelor, master and doctorate) in many fields. According to statistics, the number of students currently attending this university is over 22,900 students. There are about 750 lecturers, researchers and staff working at the university.

Reims University possesses 30 laboratories researching on various fields such as Biomaterials, Historical Culture, Archeology, Linguistics, Molecular Chemistry, Information Technology and Communications, etc. In particular, the Laboratory of Research on Nanosciences (LRN) is one of the key research units of URCA. Scientists here spend most of their time researching on manufacturing nanomaterials, methods of developing the properties of these materials and nanotechnology applied in biomedical engineering.

5. LeMans University

LeMans University is one of the partners that have strong cooperation with USTH’s Department of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Established in 1977 in LeMans, which is an ancient city in northern France, LeMans University is considered as an ideal destination for international students.

In 2016, the university was ranked 3rd in the rankings of the top 20 French universities for training science and technology by Capital - a popular magazine in France. The rankings were based on the statistics about the job and salary of the university’s graduates. LeMans University has been ranked in the top 50 French public universities with the best quality for many years.
universitaire le mans
The library of Lemans University.

As a member of the European Association of International Education (EAIE) and the ISEP network (International Student Exchange Program), LeMans University has signed 178 bilateral agreements and 65 cooperation programs; among them, 5 programs were accredited by the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, in order to facilitate the academic exchange opportunities of international students.
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This university is the perfect destination for international students.

Each year, the university welcomes thousands of international students coming to study and research in more than 15 modern laboratories. Among them, the LeMans Institute of Molecular and Materials is one of the key research institutions of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The research activities focus on analyzing the structure of advanced materials such as bioactive materials, functional materials used in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development, healthcare, agricultural food, plastics, etc.