5 French universities that co-grant a Master's degree in Information and Communication Technology with USTH

Let's discover universities and research institutes that are the co-accreditation partners of the Master's program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH, Vietnam France University).

Currently, ICT is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, accompanied by technological trends that are changing every day. Therefore, the training programs in ICT also need to be innovated continuously to catch up with the world's development. Aware of this, USTH has cooperated with French prestigious universities and laboratories in this field to develop the Master's program in ICT and catch up with the latest trends in the industrial 4.0 revolution.

These universities not only cooperate with USTH to co-award the master's degree for the students but also are attractive places for many ICT students to have internships or participate in research projects

1. University of La Rochelle

Founded in 1993, though being a young university in France, the University of La Rochelle is recognized as one of the most dynamic universities thanks to its economic and scientific research contributing to the development of the city. This university has established many training programs in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States as well as welcomed many international students from 26 countries all over the world to study. After many years of operation and training, the University of La Rochelle has over 150 diplomatic partners from 40 different countries. It is one of the most well-known French universities for training engineers in various fields.
universite la rochelle
University of La Rochelle's campus​​​​

USTH's Department of ICT cooperates with the Laboratory of Computer, Imaging and Interactive (Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction - L3I). Founded in the same year as the University of La Rochelle, this is a digital science research laboratory. Nearly 100 members are professors, doctors and researchers in the fields of Computer Science, Imaging and Interaction have worked at this laboratory. This laboratory has signed the contract and received financial support for research projects and activities from the National Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Research. In 2011, L3I received A grades from AERES - the Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (current HCERES).
Robot Show on Science Day at the university.

Besides, the co-director of USTH's Department of ICT - Prof. Antoine Doucet is also a graduate student at the University of La Rochelle. Specialized research collaboration between USTH and the L3I laboratory focuses on the areas of machine learning, image processing, natural language processing and text analysis.

2. University of Montpellier

"The city with the warmest sunny days in France" is the affectionate name that French people give to the beauty of Montpellier - a city that has 300 days of sunshine. Not only famous for its pleasant climate, but Montpellier is also known as one of the oldest French national universities in Europe. Ranking among the top 10 best universities in France, the University of Montpellier has welcomed nearly 47,000 students with 77 facilities for research and training in 7 science majors.
french partners coaccreditation ict 3
University of Montpellier's library

The University of Montpellier provides training programs mainly in the fields of natural sciences and engineering such as Mathematics, Information Technology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and Environment Sciences, Materials, Mechanics Gas, Construction.

The University's Department of ICT is supported primarily by the LIRMM laboratory (Montpellier's Computer, Robot and Microelectronics Laboratory) and also a partner of the Master's program in ICT at USTH. LIRMM is one of the largest computer research laboratories in France with more than 150 lecturers and lots of doctoral students. It is an integrated UMR - co-research unit of the University of Montpellier and CNRS. LIRMM's research in Computer Science organized around four main areas of expertise: computing, data, artificial intelligence and modelings for life and the environment.
le nouveau centre de recherche en sciences et technologies de l information de montpellier
french partners coaccreditation ict 5
University of Montpellier's laboratory

Recently, LIRMM's Robotech Legends was excellent to win the first prize in the French Robot Competition 2018 and ranked 3rd in the Eurobot 2018 competition against other countries in the European Union.
french partners coaccreditation ict 12
LIRMM brought RobotTech participating in the contest Eurobot 2018

3. National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse

National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (also called INP Toulouse) is established by the association of six engineering schools with training courses that are strongly supported by research laboratories. The pedagogical environment here is very open to international students, creating favorable conditions for the development in the period of globalization. Beside, INP Toulouse is located in a city where industry and science, businesses and laboratories are linked closely, which ensures to train the students in the field of research to meet the needs of companies.
french partners coaccreditation ict 10
french partners coaccreditation ict 8
National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse's campus

The list of 2017 U-Multirank awards also highlights the quality of research and technology transfer in INP Toulouse. According to the list, this institute ranked among the top 3 French universities on those two criteria.

The Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research (IRIT), which is under INP Toulouse, is one of the most astronomical joint research units at the national level. IRIT is one of the principal units of research activities in the Midi-Pyrenees, France, with 700 permanent and non-permanent members. USTH has built partnerships with IRIT to develop research majors, including High-Performance Computing, Grid Computing, Parallel Computing.

4. University of Rennes I

University of Rennes I is a public university focusing on various fields such as law, economics, management and mathematics, biology, computer science and information technology. The university is ranked 7th among France's top universities (according to World University Rankings) and 282th among the top universities in the world (according to the Global University Rankings). This university also has trained many successful leaders, including Mr. Christian Noyer, Vice President of the European Central Bank - Governor of the Central Bank of France - President of the International Payment Bank; Mr. Paul Biyoghe Mba, Prime Minister of the Republic of Gabon; Mr. Edmon Hervé, Politician (used to be the mayor of Rennes).
french partners coaccreditation ict 13

Rennes Universit Rennes 1 cloitre facult d' conomie
University of Rennes I's campus

The Department of Information Technology in Rennes I is one of the four highest-ranked university education disciplines (A +) from AERES - the Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (now HCERES).
french partners coaccreditation ict 9
Irisa (the Institute of Computer Science and Systems Randomization Studies)

One of the main partners of the USTH's ICT faculty is Irisa (the Institute of Computer Science and Systems Randomization Studies), a part of the ENSSAT (National School of Applied Science and Technology, Rennes University 1). Founded in 1975, with the support of 8 guardianship organizations, including 800 researchers, 40 teams and seven faculties, this is an excellent research unit to explore new system techniques, for instance, cybersecurity, modern software architecture (Manycores, cloud computing) and virtual reality, to serve many essential areas in human life such as health, environment, transportation, education.

5. University of Poitiers

Founded in 1431 in Poitiers, as one of the "capital" universities in France, the University of Poitiers is one of the oldest French universities. This university ranks among the top 15 best French universities in science and technology training, with 93% of students who have found their jobs in the first three years after graduation; and have an average annual income of about 29,500 euros.
visuel page entree rubrique universite
University of Poitiers's campus

The partner of the USTH's Department of ICT is the XLIM Multidisciplinary Research Institute, a research unit under the CNRS - French National Centre for Scientific Research and the University of Poitiers. XLIM mainly focuses on researching new technologies in the fields of electronics and microwaves, optics, computer science and imaging. More than 450 professors are working here, including CNRS researchers, engineers, technicians, postdoctoral students and PhDs from French universities and research institutes.
french partners coaccreditation ict 2
University of Poitiers's auditorium

This institute associates with many partners, including research institutes, laboratories and universities specialized in information technology in the country as well as many countries in the world such as Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria. USTH's Department of ICT cooperates with XLIM to develop intensive training programs on high-performance computing, machine learning and image processing.