Why Choose USTH

With a modern training model and a dynamic international study environment, USTH becomes a “golden gate” for students who have passion and would like to pursue careers in the fields of science- technology- engineering. 

1. Symbol of collaboration in higher education and research between Vietnam and France 

USTH was established under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France to provide high-quality human resources for the fields of science- technology- engineering.

USTH is the most ambitious and biggest collaboration project in higher education and research between Vietnam and France, receiving the strong support of the Vietnam Government, the French Government, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and a Consortium of more than 40 leading French universities and research institutes.

usth ky ket
The Intergovernmental agreement sighing ceremony between Vietnam and France
for the development of USTH from 2019-2023


2. European training model

USTH applies the training model of French universities, which adopts the Bologna Process and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), a mechanism implemented at universities of more than 45 countries across Europe. The training duration of bachelor, master, and PhD levels is 3 years, 2 years, and 3 years respectively. The advantage of this training model is to facilitate the mobility of students within European countries and internationally, which allows USTH students access to abundant opportunities of exchange, internship, or higher education abroad after graduation.

ảnh 9
USTH campus in Hanoi 

USTH commits to provide international standard training quality to students at 3 levels: bachelor- master- PhD. The bachelor programs of USTH have been accredited by the HCERES (the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education in France), one of the most recognized higher education accreditation organizations in France and Europe. USTH collaborates with French universities and research institutes of the USTH Consortium to train and issue double diplomas for the master’s programs. The training quality of the PhD programs of USTH has been well acknowledged among the international academic community.

3. English as the official teaching language

Nowadays, English has become the language of international communication, and mastering English is a passport for success in an interconnected and rapidly changing world. At USTH, all the courses are taught in English with the aim to equip students with a high level of English proficiency so that they can confidently enter the labor market in the era of globalization.

ảnh 5
USTH students at their practical session in the lab 

For students whose English background doesn't meet the English language requirement, USTH has preparatory courses to help them improve their command of English and equip them with reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that will enhance their learning of the majors at the tertiary level.

4. Multicultural environment

USTH strives to provide the best opportunities for students to study in a multicultural environment. There have been over 200 arrivals of lecturers and researchers from countries with highly developed science and technology such as the USA, France, Japan, and South Korea coming to USTH to teach and conduct research projects every year. USTH also welcomes international students through internship and exchange programs. Thanks to the multicultural environment, USTH students have a chance to get to know different cultures, thus preparing for their future endeavors overseas.

ảnh 3
USTH students with their lecturer 

5. Environment nurturing a passion for science

USTH applies a student-centered approach, combining a variety of teaching styles such as discussion - presentations - group work - field trips. Students learn theoretical and practical knowledge through practice sessions in laboratories, especially internships at businesses, organizations, and research institutes in Vietnam, France, and other developed countries.

We believe that passion for science needs nurturing and fostering. Therefore, our students are encouraged to participate in research projects with lecturers to develop critical thinking, improve practical skills, enhance working ethics and realize their own research orientation. During the study at USTH, many students have publications published in prestigious scientific journals with high impact factors (IF).

nghien cuu cong bo
Dang Nhat MInh, third-year student, who had an article published in Q1 journal in Materials Science

6. A broad network of domestic and international partners

Since its establishment in 2009, USTH has developed its close relations with domestic and international partners in order to provide its students and lecturers with the best opportunities for academic, research exchange, and internship. The university’s network of partners has been broadening from universities, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations to enterprises in the field of science and technology in Vietnam and other countries such as France, the USA, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan. Particularly, USTH is strongly supported by a consortium of over 40 leading universities and research institutes in France (USTH Consortium), including designing programs, sending lecturers to USTH, supporting USTH students to take internships in France.

7. Opportunities for exchange and internship abroad 

Good command of English, professional working style, and ability to adapt quickly are advantages of USTH students to succeed in applying to overseas internship programs.

thuc tap khap noi tren the gioi
USTH students take internship abroad 

An average of 70 % of USTH students takes internships abroad in more than 200 businesses, universities, and research institutes in 20 countries across the globe.

Besides, students also have exchange opportunities at many prestigious universities in Europe under the Erasmus+ project or a bilateral cooperation agreement signed by USTH.