– Make plan for programs of Student Affairs Unit and submit for approval of the Rectorate Board. Implement the tasks of propaganda the guidelines of the Party and State laws, key tasks of USTH to all students; timely aggregate students’ ideological movements to promptly report to the Rectorate Board and also proactively propose appropriate measures to related issues;
– Coordinate with other departments of USTH to organize the Orientation week for new students; the talks for students and also meeting between the leaders; key officials of USTH and students;
– Issue student cards; health insurance cards for students;
– Update student’s profiles (rewards, discipline, training process, student’s enrollment, deferment…);
– Solve the administrative procedures for students;
– Collaborate with related units in management students living in and out the dormitory of USTH;
– Receive and manage foreign students studying in USTH and implement policies and administrative procedures for foreign students follow regulations of USTH, Ministry of Education and Training and State laws;
– Coordinate with the related units to implement the regimes, polices and scholarships and financial aids for students;
– Implement the regime for awarding and discipline students under USTH regulation;
– Be responsible for military registration and moving service for male students. Report to relating agencies;
– Collaborate with other units, organizations within and outside USTH to organize cultural activities, arts, extracurricular activities, exams, the emulation activities among students …; act as the political and social organization with university-wide scale for students;
– Cooperate with other units in organizing the opening and graduation ceremony;
– Organize programs and activities for career orientation for students;
– Coordinate with the USTH Student Association, Alumni Association in carrying out the duties of the university;
– Establish and strengthen relationships with institutes and enterprises to organize vocational activities and provide appropriate jobs for students before and after students’ graduation;
– Attract funding and supports from enterprises and organizations for programs and activities of USTH;
– Perform other duties as assigned by the Rectorate Board.