USTH – Capacity Building Plan Brainstorming Workshop

Wednesday - 07/06/2017 03:46

Capacity building

(UIU-USTH) – UIU-USTH has just organized a brainstorming workshop with participation of USTH’s Rector Board, Directors of Departments, Heads of Labs and all relevant staff of USTH. The purpose of this workshop is firstly to present original Capacity Building Plan mentioned in PAM and open it for free discussion in order to come up with revised plan which reflect the current progress and demand of USTH’s development.

The workshop was chaired by Prof. Le Tran Binh – Director of UIU-USTH and Vice Rector of USTH and facilitated by Prof. Michel Delamar – International Higher Education Planning Consultant of UIU-USTH. The workshop has been very productive with ideas from participants, which will help UIU-USTH to define more realistic and comprehensive capacity building plan for USTH.

The workshop covered all areas of USTH including quality assurance, student services, research support, lab management, and so on. Based on the contribution made by participants, the revised capacity development plan for USTH is being developed and will be submited to relevant stakeholders in near future.